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How it Works helps you connect with family and friends in nursing facilities

We partner with nursing homes and long term care facilities to provide our Care Cards service. With Care Cards you can send personalized cards and photos digitally to your loved one’s long term care facility where it can be printed and delivered directly to them.

Here's how it works


Find Your Loved One’s Facility Website

Find the Care Cards form or link on your facility’s website. If you are having trouble finding the Care Cards form your facility might not be a member yet.

Share with your facility and request they signup!
Long Term Care Facility Website
Family fills out the Care Card Form

Fill out the Care Card Form

Personalize your Care Card by selecting graphics, uploading images, and writing a special message for your loved one.

Your Care Card is printed at your loved one’s facility

After you send your Care Card it is delivered digitally to your loved ones facility.

More information for facilities
Your card is printed at your loved ones facility
Your Care Card is delivered to your loved one

Your Care Card is delivered to your loved one

facility staff members deliver your Care Card directly to your loved one.

Is your facility signed up for Care Cards? If not please consider sharing this service with them.

Share with your loved one’s nursing home today!