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Our service allows family members and loved ones to send care cards to anyone in nursing care around the country. Implementation is easy and provides a service to your residents and their families that will make you stand out from your competitors!

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Help your residents connect with their loved ones

How it works

  1. Your facility signs up for a account.
  2. You are provided with a custom Care Cards form for your facility. We will provide you with the code that will allow you to embed the Care Card functionality directly on your website.
  3. Once implemented on your website family members enter their loved one’s name, select a design or image, write their message, and click submit.
  4. A designated member of your team will receive an email with a PDF attachment, ready to print.
  5. Your facility can choose to deliver printed messages to residents or deliver Care Cards on a digital device.

Easy to use & implement was developed to work as seamlessly as possible with facilities current systems. When a facility signs up for a account, we will provide you with customized Care Cards form, with your facilities’ branding.

You will be given the embed code to implement this form on your current website or you can link to the custom form page for your facility on the website. If needed, our team of technicians can help you with this process.

No cost for residents or families

There is no cost for residents and their loved ones to send Care Cards. Facilities can provide our service for their residents and their families by signing up for a account. Facilities accounts are FREE for the first 6 months, then just $39/month after the first 6 months.
Help your residents connect with their loved ones
Help your residents connect with their loved ones

Why Choose WeCareCards?

Digital delivery direct to your facility

Care Cards, which can include personal messages and photos from loved ones, are sent digitally to the designated point of contact for your facility. The Care Card can then be printed or delivered digitally to the resident.

Simple signup process

To get started, your facility signs up for an account on Signup only requires that the care facility provide a point of contact.

FREE for the first 6 months is providing this service FREE of charge for the next 6 months, and then just $39/month after that.

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